AutoStorm Certified Automotive Locksmith/EEPROM & Soldering/BMW/Mercedes Combo

AutoStorm Certified Automotive Locksmith/EEPROM & Soldering/BMW/Mercedes Combo


This 10 DAY course held at American Center For Locksmith Training in Ogden, Utah is for those who want to be the best automotive locksmith in their area!  This course Includes our Certified Automotive Locksmith, EEPROM & Soldering, Transponder Identification, Production & Key Building, Certified BMW, and Certified Mercedes courses all bundled neatly into one big package.  THIS CLASS WAS TAILORED FOR THOSE WITH NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.  There is absolutely no other course like this in the world!  It starts with the basics and takes the student all the way to advanced techniques.  Class runs from 9:00 to 4:00 daily.  Short breaks are provided throughout the day.  In this course you will learn the following:


Certified Automotive Locksmith:

  • Vehicle Opening

  • Vehicle lock replacement and repair

  • Ignition repair and removal

  • Key Identification

  • Key Impressioning

  • Tibbe Keys

  • High Security Keys

  • ECU/Immobiliser Flashing

  • Honda Ignition Repair

  • Chip Identification

  • Cloning

  • Transponder Identification, Production, & Key Building

  • Key Programming

  • Remote Programming

  • Tips & Tricks of Automotive

  • Code Cutting

  • Key Programmers

  • (How To) Locksmith Business & Marketing

  • Automotive Locksmith Certification Certificate


  • EEPROM & Soldering

  • Device identification

  • Soldering tools

  • Soldering theory

  • Desoldering

  • Soldering

  • Intro to Reading & Writing Tools

  • Reading devices

  • Writing devices

  • "Cloning" out of devices

  • Removing devices from vehicle for service

  • Saab, Volvo, Lexus, Toyota Eeprom models

  • EEPROM & Soldering Certification Certificate


Certified BMW

  • Explanation of various SAFE programmers used for completing BMW jobs.

  • EWS Systems Add a key

  • EWS All keys lost

  • CAS 1, 2 and 3 All Keys Lost

  • CAS 1, 2 and 3 Add a key

  • CAS 3+ All Keys lost

  • CAS 3+ Add a key

  • Updating CAS Firmware

  • Reading ISN from DME CAS3+

  • CAS 4

  • Reading ISN from DME for FEM


  • All Keys Lost Key Generation

  • Decoding BMW Locks

  • Building Custom BMW Keys

  • BMW Certification Certificate


Certified Mercedes

  • All Keys Lost Key Generation

  • Decoding BMW Locks

  • Decoding Mercedes Locks

  • Parts Adaptation & Special Function

  • Decoding & Mechanical key generation

  • Key Learning Special Function

  • DAS 2 MBZ

  • DAS 3 Timeline

  • 204/207 Key Making

  • DAS 3 Transmission Control Unit

  • DAS 3 ME Virginizing and Programming

  • Intro to Mercedes Tools

  • Mercedes Certification Certificate


A total of four (4) certificates are presented to students upon completion of this course. As well as Professional Locksmiths of America (PROLOA) Automotive locksmith II Certification certificate (75 Automotive Locksmith Credits and a one (1) year PROLOA membership.

  • Accomodations

    Information on local hotels and directions from the Salt Lake City airport can be found by visiting the American Center For Locksmith Training website at the following link:

  • Product Info & Training Center Information

    All classes are held at American Center For Locksmith Training in Ogden, Utah

    Classes run daily from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    PLEASE arrive at the training center 15 minutes before class begins each day.


    American Center For Locksmith Traning

    2050 Wall Ave.

    Ogden, UT 84401

    Directions and hotel information can be found at


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