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VVDI KeyTool Max

VVDI KeyTool Max


The VVDI Key Tool MAX is the latest in a series of remote generation tools from XHorse. It covers the same functions as the original VVDI Key Tool, but on a robust Android tablet with optimized memory and processing power for future-proof updates.

It features the the added ability to control the Condor Dolphin and to connect to the upcoming Mini OBD Tool (PreOrder Available HERE), which contains immobilizer programming and diagnostic functions.

Additional Features of the MAX

  • Transponder Generation
  • Transponder Cloning
  • Frequency & Power Tester
  • Remote Cloning
  • Generate Remote And Smart Keys
  • Generate Garage Door Remote
  • Unlock OEM Remotes
  • Read And Copy Access Control Cards
  • Direct Connection and control of the  Condor Dolphin cutting machine
  • Immobilizer Detection Directly At The Ignition Coil
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