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AutoProPAD Updates & Support Subscription—1 YR. (XTOOL)

AutoProPAD Updates & Support Subscription—1 YR. (XTOOL)


Item # 3011


Manufacturer:  AutoProPAD



Note: Please enter the serial number(s) into the Comments box at checkout.

Your AutoProPAD or AutoProPAD LITE machines come with 1 year of free updates and support. When the subscription ends, the machines continue working normally, but updates and support will no longer be available.


  • If the user's machine subscription was expired for longer than 30 days:
    • there will be a Subscription Reactivation Fee of $150 to start a subscription again
    • their subscription is considered NEW and the start date will be the day the new subscription is activated onto their machine
  • If the user renews their subscription within 30 days of the end of their subscription's expiration:
    • there will not be any additional fee
    • their subscription is considered a CONTINUATION and the start date will go backwards to the day after their subscription ended (the expiration)
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