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Toyota/Lexus ECU Immobilizer Flash Virginize Service

Toyota/Lexus ECU Immobilizer Flash Virginize Service

$350.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price

Experience hassle-free key programming with our Mail-In ECU Immobilizer Reset and/or Key Programming Service for Toyota and Lexus vehicles! If you need a new key programmed and your immobilizer reset, our expert team is ready to make it seamless for you.


How it works:

1. Purchase our ECU Immobilizer Reset Service.

2. Carefully remove your ECU from your Toyota or Lexus vehicle.

3. Follow our shipping instructions to send us your ECU.

4. Our skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive immobilizer reset.

5. Once the process is complete, we'll promptly return your upgraded ECU along with your newly programmed key.



- Resolve immobilizer issues so that you can program new keys.

- Expert service from experienced technicians.

- Quick turnaround time to minimize downtime.

- Compatibility with various Toyota and Lexus models.


Please note:

- This service includes ECU reflashing/virginizing.

- Consult with our team for any model-specific requirements or questions.


Secure your vehicle with ease – invest in our Mail-In ECU Immobilizer Reset and Key Programming Service today! Purchase now and enjoy the convenience of a seamlessly programmed key.

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